Bucket list

Bucket list

A good friend brought up the topic of bucket list.

“So what do you have on your bucket list?”

I was stunned momentarily. I did not know. It has been a long time since I reflected on this question. The definition of bucket list was even vague to me. Seemingly fighting a blank space in my memory, I asked myself, “I once had a bucket list… but… what was it?”

Google search: ‘Definition of bucket list’

Definition #1: A number of experiences or achievements that a person hopes to have or accomplish during their lifetime. 

Definition #2: A list of things to do before you die. Comes from the term “kicked the bucket” (urban dictionary)

Once upon a time, my bucket list consisted of skydiving, bungee jumping and I am sure that travelling around the world was part of it. The rest… obliterated.

However, today, what I envision for myself seems to indicate that I am in a completely different world. Like I have mentioned, I do not have an up-to-date bucket list but when I ask myself, what I would like to have/ to do in this lifetime, I came up with a rough list like this:

–          To have a pet dog

–          To have a small cottage with a big land where I can grow my own plants and vegetables

–          To live in the countryside (to be surrounded by nature)

–          To learn how to ride a horse on my own

–          To raise my own family

–          To have a career where flexibility allows me to dedicate time to my family and allows me to have at least a month of holiday in Singapore

–          To integrate the dreams of my husband with my own

Our desires, dreams and wants change with our reality. So does our bucket list. In my previous life time, achievement, success, money and status played a big role in my well-being. If I do not perform well, I am judged (by myself and others). Life was stable in the sense that my parents were there as a strong pillar of support. I was surrounded by loving family and friends whom provided great companionship. Career was taken care of i.e. I had a job where I could progress in over time. In the scenario where things were well anchored, my bucket list reflected actions which embraced adventure, thrill and excitement.

A flip of the coin, I landed myself in an all new environment with the need to learn a new language. I found myself without work for a good two and a half years. My ego crashed. I felt myself inutile. Financially strapped, I had to lead a frugal life (when I was not even a big spender to begin with). Surrounded by instabilities, I began to yearn for some stability. Who cares about risking my life jumping off a cliff or an airplane? I have found myself an amazing husband and the second part of my life has just started. As a young couple, we have many other adventures awaiting us.

I am glad to have reviewed this topic. It gives me a sense of where I am right now in life. It also made me realize that we do not need to have BIG goals in life to be happy. As humans, we evolve and adapt. Changes would occur over time and that means that my bucket list might alter in a few years time too. While noting down a list of things we would like to accomplish this life time, we should always remember to still embrace the present moment.

So, what would you like to have on your bucket list today?

Live like you were dying by Tim Mcgraw


Signing off with love,