A Stressful Veterinary Experience

Shiro survived. He had been barfing for a good one month. He was getting thinner every day and at certain point in time, I wondered what his chances of surviving were. I had to force feed him twice a day. I mashed up his food, heat it up slightly to ensure that he would be able to digest the food easily without throwing it up. Having done all I could, I prayed that he would recover on his own. Fortunately, he won the battle and now he is looking as healthy as before.

This whole incident provoked mainly two emotions – fear and guilt. Surely, I was afraid that my little furry friend would die if he continued throwing up like he did. However, what was worse was the guilt trip that the veterinary made me go through.

So what exactly happened?

Chilling cat

Shiro is a cat who loves to chew on plastic, especially plastic bags. The thing is, he does not stop at chewing it but he swallows the plastic for unexplainable reasons. Thereafter, he would cough out the plastic piece. One day, he started to vomit his food over consecutive days and sometimes I would find traces of plastic in the brownish puddle. He was still having his appetite so I did not think anything was wrong. Soon, he then started to stay away from food like it was his worst enemy. He also became all quiet which is not normal since he is a pretty dominant cat.

The signs were all pointing to the direction that it was time for me to bring him to a vet. I brought him to the vet near my place since the place where I adopted him was close on Sundays. The receptionist was all cheerful and friendly when she greeted us. After the first meeting, they gave us three options with the two of them involving an operation procedure. The cost was easily from 200$ to 1000$CAD. Note that that was only the first check up. There would definitely be other costs incurred for observation period. We were selective of what we wanted for Shiro and headed home. The vet followed up a few days after. When she realised that we were not willing to proceed further with Shiro i.e. leaving him at the vet and going through blood test, x-ray, operation etc, she started to be impatient and naturally, the conversation ended there.

Two weeks after that stressful visit to the vet, Shiro was still barfing everywhere. The house started to reek of an unpleasant odor and we were worried about the bacteria that might be borne from the stale vomit. I decided to take him to the hospital where I adopted him. The results were pretty much the same. They cannot really identify the problem unless we go through various scans. However, the difference was, they respected the fact that not everyone has the budget to bear the cost of going through the complications of treating an animal. They proposed another solution where they prescribed some medications for a span of two weeks. They followed up patiently with me and finally, Shiro got better. A huge relief indeed!

For animal lovers who might not have the financial capabilities to treat the complications of your animal, it is important to find a good vet who respects the decision of people. To not be taken on a guilt trip because who is to judge our love for our animals? We are all adults and we make and bear the consequences of our decision. I am also lucky to have a small family petshop just beside my home. The lady boss is someone who loves animals and she gave me some ideas on how to bring back the appetite of Shiro. A business is a business. I acknowledge that they need to make money to keep the business going. However, it is also important to have some basic humanity and respect when running a business.

To sum it up,
1. MTL Vet (http://mtlvet.ca/hopital-veterinaire-verdun/),
– The consultation fee is higher by a good $10 than that of Hospital Lasalle
– For the exact same medication, their prices are almost twice as expensive
– If you have the financial means to pay for the treatments, they will treat you like VIPs, if not, they will show you how pathetic you are

2. Hopital Vétérinaire Lasalle (http://hopitalveterinairelasalle.ca/)
– Had a good experience with them since I adopted Shiro and Sora there
– They were more sympathetic and provided alternative solutions for treatments

3. Coquette et Finegueule Inc (Verdun)
– Although some of the products are a little more expensive than big pet stores, the service provided is personalised and passionate

Shiro looking all healthy again

Signing off with love,