Shiro and Sora – The Unstoppable

Cats in the house

I have been meaning to introduce our new furry friends but it has been one month since we brought them home. I believe that in my previous blog, I wrote about my short lived experience with a pet bunny. My landlord does not allow any pets in the house (especially not a rabbit! They shriek at the thought of a rabbit as if it was an unclean, wild rodent), except… cats! How bizarre but it is true. I am not complaining as it is good news for me. I had spent a fair amount of time thinking about adopting A cat because they need a fairly huge amount of responsibilities i.e. time, money, affection etc. Dan has been supportive about it but he warned me, ‘If you are ok with things being destroyed in the house, I am ok with it.’ So we started our kitty shopping, 

A few questions were on constantly on my mind then. Should we adopt from an animal shelter or should we adopt from someone who is letting go of their pet? Should we adopt an adult cat or would kittens be more interesting? Does a male or female cat really matters? Should we de-claw our cat?

After some research and talking to friends who are cat lovers, we got a conclusion for ourselves. First and foremost, we decided to adopt from an animal shelter because with a package price, all the necessary vaccinations and sterilization is taken care of. For sure we could adopt a free kitty but to not have it sterilized and no vaccinations? I don’t think we would like the side effects of that. 

As for the age of the cat, I have read up on how we should give adult cats a chance to live and I do feel sad for these abandoned cats. However, adults cats come with their behaviours and attitudes which would probably take lots of patience to help them unlearn and relearn certain things. As a first time cat owner, I decided to take the easier way out. Furthermore, I would like to witness the growing up process of a young cat. 

Male or female? Dan is definitely for a male cat because he has been around several cats in his life time and the affectionate cats were usually males while the females were mainly aloof and independent. I am sure there will be people disagreeing to this but to each his own since there are no scientific fact about this. 

There has been a big hooha whether cats should be de-clawed. People de-claw cats because they are clawing almost everything in the house. Apparently, the act of de-clawing is pretty common in US and Canada. Guess it boils down to the pragmatism believed by the countries? Whereas, this very same act is illegal in other zones. So if the cat starts biting everything, should we then remove their all their teeth? The decision is clear.

How do we choose the ‘right’ cat? That was one question I google-searched quite a bit. All the cats in the picture look almost the same, how do I distinguish one from another? What I found useful for me were the several visits I made to various animal shelters. It was a tedious process but finally, at the last stop, we fell in love with three cats. We have got to choose ONE. I fell in love with a baby female while Dan still prefers to have a male. After some deliberation, we brought two of them home and name them Shiro and Sora. So the ONE cat became TWO

Shiro means ‘White’ in Japanese. At the date of adoption, he was about seven months old. He is de-clawed on all four hence he tends to bite when he wants to communicate his unhappiness. He is the bossy one here, talks/ meows quite a bit and definitely knows how to push his limits.


Sora means ‘Sky’ in Japanese. She was four months old when we adopted her. She started off timid and stayed hidden for a good one week yet now, she is bouncing all over the house and giving us sweet sounding meows when she is hungry. 


I have had my good times and frustrating moments with them but one thing for sure, they have kept my hands full and brought a lot of furry fun and love into the family. 





Signing off with love,