La Cabane à Sucre

Quelque Chose de Sucré; Something Sweet 

Pour ce blog, je vais essayer d’écrire une version française.

Le week-end avant, Daniel et moi avons visité la cabane à sucre avec ses collègues. Nous avons eu à conduire pendant environ une heure pour y parvenir. Le nom de l’endroit est Erabliere St-Henri ( L’endroit est magnifique et j’ai adoré la nourriture. On peut manger de tout avec le sirop d’érable. J’ai mangé tellement que j’etais si pleine. Après cela, j’ai eu la tire d’érable. Je l’ai aimé! Aussie, j’ai faire une balade en cheval. Dans l’ensemble, c’était une bonne expérience!

Qu’est-ce que la cabane à sucre? (Je dois expliquer en anglais)


The weekend before, Daniel and I made a trip out of Montreal city to have my first sugar shack experience. A “sugar shack” is a cabin where maple sap is collected to be boiled until it becomes maple syrup. The cabin is exclusively reserved for that purpose. As the production of maple syrup requires special equipments, the sugar shack needs to be localised in the middle of the sugar bush and it remains unoccupied for the rest of the year. Apparently, maple syrup can only be collected once a year (during spring time) because of the conditions needed. The temperature at night has to be below zero degrees and the temperature at night has to be above that. This year, the weather has been erratic in Montreal hence the supply of maple syrup had been reduced significantly.

At the cabin, we were served with local Quebec food which included pea soup, maple syrup ham, deep fried pork, sweet dough with maple syrup, maple pie, sugar pie, egg custard pie etc. As you can see, the menu is highly unhealthy but without doubt, amazingly delicious. We ate so much that we could barely walked from the table yet thereafter, we still went for le tire d’erable (maple syrup on stick) which is solid when you take it off the ice and melts right away in your mouth. The day ended with a horse ride through the maple syrup production group. Nothing fancy but a good bonding time for people on board to chat away. Visiting the sugar shack is a definite must try experience if you are heading over to Montreal during spring time.

Signing off with love,