A Stressful Veterinary Experience

Shiro survived. He had been barfing for a good one month. He was getting thinner every day and at certain point in time, I wondered what his chances of surviving were. I had to force feed him twice a day. I mashed up his food, heat it up slightly to ensure that he would be able to digest the food easily without throwing it up. Having done all I could, I prayed that he would recover on his own. Fortunately, he won the battle and now he is looking as healthy as before.

This whole incident provoked mainly two emotions – fear and guilt. Surely, I was afraid that my little furry friend would die if he continued throwing up like he did. However, what was worse was the guilt trip that the veterinary made me go through.

So what exactly happened?

Chilling cat

Shiro is a cat who loves to chew on plastic, especially plastic bags. The thing is, he does not stop at chewing it but he swallows the plastic for unexplainable reasons. Thereafter, he would cough out the plastic piece. One day, he started to vomit his food over consecutive days and sometimes I would find traces of plastic in the brownish puddle. He was still having his appetite so I did not think anything was wrong. Soon, he then started to stay away from food like it was his worst enemy. He also became all quiet which is not normal since he is a pretty dominant cat.

The signs were all pointing to the direction that it was time for me to bring him to a vet. I brought him to the vet near my place since the place where I adopted him was close on Sundays. The receptionist was all cheerful and friendly when she greeted us. After the first meeting, they gave us three options with the two of them involving an operation procedure. The cost was easily from 200$ to 1000$CAD. Note that that was only the first check up. There would definitely be other costs incurred for observation period. We were selective of what we wanted for Shiro and headed home. The vet followed up a few days after. When she realised that we were not willing to proceed further with Shiro i.e. leaving him at the vet and going through blood test, x-ray, operation etc, she started to be impatient and naturally, the conversation ended there.

Two weeks after that stressful visit to the vet, Shiro was still barfing everywhere. The house started to reek of an unpleasant odor and we were worried about the bacteria that might be borne from the stale vomit. I decided to take him to the hospital where I adopted him. The results were pretty much the same. They cannot really identify the problem unless we go through various scans. However, the difference was, they respected the fact that not everyone has the budget to bear the cost of going through the complications of treating an animal. They proposed another solution where they prescribed some medications for a span of two weeks. They followed up patiently with me and finally, Shiro got better. A huge relief indeed!

For animal lovers who might not have the financial capabilities to treat the complications of your animal, it is important to find a good vet who respects the decision of people. To not be taken on a guilt trip because who is to judge our love for our animals? We are all adults and we make and bear the consequences of our decision. I am also lucky to have a small family petshop just beside my home. The lady boss is someone who loves animals and she gave me some ideas on how to bring back the appetite of Shiro. A business is a business. I acknowledge that they need to make money to keep the business going. However, it is also important to have some basic humanity and respect when running a business.

To sum it up,
1. MTL Vet (http://mtlvet.ca/hopital-veterinaire-verdun/),
– The consultation fee is higher by a good $10 than that of Hospital Lasalle
– For the exact same medication, their prices are almost twice as expensive
– If you have the financial means to pay for the treatments, they will treat you like VIPs, if not, they will show you how pathetic you are

2. Hopital Vétérinaire Lasalle (http://hopitalveterinairelasalle.ca/)
– Had a good experience with them since I adopted Shiro and Sora there
– They were more sympathetic and provided alternative solutions for treatments

3. Coquette et Finegueule Inc (Verdun)
– Although some of the products are a little more expensive than big pet stores, the service provided is personalised and passionate

Shiro looking all healthy again

Signing off with love,



Bucket list

Bucket list

A good friend brought up the topic of bucket list.

“So what do you have on your bucket list?”

I was stunned momentarily. I did not know. It has been a long time since I reflected on this question. The definition of bucket list was even vague to me. Seemingly fighting a blank space in my memory, I asked myself, “I once had a bucket list… but… what was it?”

Google search: ‘Definition of bucket list’

Definition #1: A number of experiences or achievements that a person hopes to have or accomplish during their lifetime. 

Definition #2: A list of things to do before you die. Comes from the term “kicked the bucket” (urban dictionary)

Once upon a time, my bucket list consisted of skydiving, bungee jumping and I am sure that travelling around the world was part of it. The rest… obliterated.

However, today, what I envision for myself seems to indicate that I am in a completely different world. Like I have mentioned, I do not have an up-to-date bucket list but when I ask myself, what I would like to have/ to do in this lifetime, I came up with a rough list like this:

–          To have a pet dog

–          To have a small cottage with a big land where I can grow my own plants and vegetables

–          To live in the countryside (to be surrounded by nature)

–          To learn how to ride a horse on my own

–          To raise my own family

–          To have a career where flexibility allows me to dedicate time to my family and allows me to have at least a month of holiday in Singapore

–          To integrate the dreams of my husband with my own

Our desires, dreams and wants change with our reality. So does our bucket list. In my previous life time, achievement, success, money and status played a big role in my well-being. If I do not perform well, I am judged (by myself and others). Life was stable in the sense that my parents were there as a strong pillar of support. I was surrounded by loving family and friends whom provided great companionship. Career was taken care of i.e. I had a job where I could progress in over time. In the scenario where things were well anchored, my bucket list reflected actions which embraced adventure, thrill and excitement.

A flip of the coin, I landed myself in an all new environment with the need to learn a new language. I found myself without work for a good two and a half years. My ego crashed. I felt myself inutile. Financially strapped, I had to lead a frugal life (when I was not even a big spender to begin with). Surrounded by instabilities, I began to yearn for some stability. Who cares about risking my life jumping off a cliff or an airplane? I have found myself an amazing husband and the second part of my life has just started. As a young couple, we have many other adventures awaiting us.

I am glad to have reviewed this topic. It gives me a sense of where I am right now in life. It also made me realize that we do not need to have BIG goals in life to be happy. As humans, we evolve and adapt. Changes would occur over time and that means that my bucket list might alter in a few years time too. While noting down a list of things we would like to accomplish this life time, we should always remember to still embrace the present moment.

So, what would you like to have on your bucket list today?

Live like you were dying by Tim Mcgraw


Signing off with love,



What’s next?

Women are better at multi-tasking than men. I have to agree only to a certain extent because I can only focus on one BIG thing at a time. I definitely do not consider eating and watching television multi-tasking. Since the day I received my work permit, my life revolved around paving out the path before me. I had neither the time nor the focus to do what I wanted to do i.e. to practise my Ukulele, to update my blog etc. I sent out several resumes, mainly to banks. I wanted to work in a call center as I thought it might be a good place to start since I wanted to try out the financial industry. I found it such an irony as I never wanted to work in banks back home. Eventually, I was not accepted for the roles I have applied for. Probably a blessing in disguise.

Since my job search had been kind of quiet, I decided to enrol myself in a full time French class which is fully subsided by the government. Finally I am entitled to some benefits instead of being a ‘tourist’! My stay with the course was a short two weeks. However, during this limited period of time, I met a bunch of lovely people and an amazing teacher who made a difference in my learning journey. Initially I was reluctant to start another French class but in the end, I was unwilling to quit half way!

Our Sugar Shack Trip

Our Sugar Shack Trip

I had to leave my French class as I had to go for another course. I decided to join an insurance firm as a Financial Advisor. In order to be legally licensed to work, I have examinations to pass before I can be officially engaged by the company. Five weeks of classes, three weeks of self study, five examinations over the course of two days. My head was buried in my pile of books, “mugging” away. I missed spending time with my husband, my friends and chatting with my parents on Skype. In the end, the sacrifice was worth it. I succeeded in my five papers and I am now waiting for the administrative side of things to be settled before I can officially start working.

I am excited and nervous at the same time. Working and studying are two different things. Studying has always a comfort zone. You work pretty much on your own and the outcome is usually a reflection of the amount of time and effort dedicated to it. Working means dealing with people and situations. These are variable factors where we have no control of. We just need to go with the flow and adapt accordingly. While saying that, I have always preferred working to studying. The thing that worries me is the fact that I have been out of the job market for almost three years. Now that I am starting afresh in a new country, what kind of challenges would I be facing with? Am I able to take the physical and mental challenge? How would I deal with the disappointments? Would I succumb to the pressure of performance and working extensive hours hence forgetting what’s really important in my life?

I would definitely not want to return to my previous lifestyle working long hours, sleeping insufficiently and setting priorities which are not even the real in the first place. I hope that these two years of value building has created a strong core within me, keeping me strong regardless of what’s ahead.

As of now, summer is finally here. It is time to enjoy some sun and get some tan!

The kitty stretch on a lazy afternoon

The kitty stretch on a lazy afternoon

Signing of with love,


How much time do you need to commit a day for two kittens?

I decided to adopt Shiro and Sora because I needed some companionship and at the same time, to keep myself busy. I underestimated the ‘busyness’ that came with them. The thing is, unlike kids, I do not have to supervise them because they are pretty independent to a certain extend. On top of that, unlike dogs, I do not have to walk them every day. However, the small pockets of time spent in various forms do accumulate, filling up my schedule rather quickly.

Clearing the litter

Time spent: 5 minutes each time, 10 minutes per day

This is a necessary act to avoid one’s place stinking up. At the start, I only had a covered litter box for Shiro and Sora and I cleaned it once a day. It worked fine for the first one and a half months. Thereafter, they started to pee and poop outside of the box i.e. the carpet which is placed just outside the box and their carrier. I am not sure who the real culprit here is so I will just assume them both guilty as charged. To avoid more disasters, I added another litter box and after reading some tips from fellow cat owners online, I decided to clean the litter box at least twice a day. Apparently these feline creatures are very particular about cleanliness and sometimes they do not want to pee and poop at the same place. So far, no other accident occurred and I hope it stays this way.

Sweeping/ Vacuuming/ Cleaning the Floor

Time spent: About an average of 30 minutes per day

Before having the cats, I swept the floor every two to three days. During summer, I may need to sweep the floor every day as all the windows are left open and the wind brings dust and dirt into the house. Now, it is a definite must to sweep the place each day as cat litter traces the floor while stray furs float all around. Aside from the daily sweep, I do an extra sweep of the room where the litter boxes are because there are just too much wood shavings scattered around. I would probably need to get a better carpet to remove the shavings from the paws of the kitties. In general, six days of sweeping, one day of vacuuming and seven days of an extra sweep of the room.

Removing Fur from the Sofa

Having their afternoon nap.

Time spent: 5 minutes each time, 10 minutes per day

They love sleeping on our sofa and our of course, leaving strands of furs entwined into the material of the blanket. With my reusable lint brush, I roll through the blanket cover twice a day.

Feeding Time

Time Spent: 3 minutes per meal, 9 minutes per day

Three times a day. Dry pellets are given twice a day while the wet food is given once a day. Giving the food is pretty quick but what takes time is to have to close the door of the room to ensure that Sora, who eats much slower than Shiro, finishes her food before allowing Shiro to enter.

Brushing and Grooming

Time spent: 5 minutes per day

Most people on the forums say that it is good to brush the kitties at least twice a week. I cannot imagine doing that because even having brushed my kitties at least once a day, they still have loose fur invading the space. When the weather is warmer and Shiro seems to lose more fur , I would give him an extra quick brush at the end of the day.

Putting Things Back in Place

Time spent: 30 seconds per item, about 10 items per day, an average of 5 minutes per day

Every morning  as I step out of my bedroom (nope, the cats are not allowed to sleep with us), there will definitely be something out of place. It may be a plastic cup or lunch box on the floor, my notebook thrown off my desk, a blanket pulled away from the sofa etc. Throughout the day, they will always to toppling over different things, depending on their mood. Just this morning, I realised that Shiro has been munching through my loaf of bread. He has this incomprehensive fetish love for plastic bags.


Searching through the recycling bin


The mess created.

Chasing them off the Kitchen Counter

Time spent: 15 minutes per day

With their predatory instinct yet not being able to hunt in the wild, they ‘hunt’ my dead meat of chicken, beef or pork. Even when I am cooking an all vegetable meal, they will sniff around to make sure that I am not hiding stuff from them. Instead of taking an hour to finish preparing a meal, I take an extended amount of time because of the unwanted interruptions. Sometimes they get on my nerves so much that I just put them away in the room to be able to cook in peace.

Saying ‘No! Get down/ Stop it!’

Time spent: 10 seconds each time, about 20 times a day, about 4 minutes per day


Shiro sniffing our breakfast plate.


His highly skilled paws.

As they are still young and full of energy, they keep finding their paws in every possible corner of the house.  Whenever there is something new in the house or when something is not in the same state/ condition/ position, they are the first to spot it. For example, sometimes the door of the cabinet where we store food opens a little on its own due to unaligned fittings. The cats would paw through this gap and happily hop into the cabinet to inspect our stash. They love to jump onto our dining table which is totally prohibited. There are many more examples which I shall not elaborate on.

Play Time

Time spent: About 15 minutes per day

The young always has lots of energy and I prefer that they release it positively instead of destructively. I play ball with them. Surprisingly, they like chasing after the tennis ball though they don’t fetch. I vary my activities as their interest does not last more than a few minutes.

‘Pet Me’, ‘Love Me’ Time

Time spent: About 30 minutes per day taking place randomly throughout the day

We are fortunate to have two cats who enjoy a great amount of love and affection from us. In the day, they would usually come to me to be petted and to nest in my lap. At night, they will go to Dan for their second dosage of love.

Grand total: 133 minutes/ about 2.5 hours per day


It wasn’t me…

People have been asking me what I have been busy with and my reply has been ‘my cats’. I didn’t know how but after this breakdown, I have a better understanding for myself. They are indeed, integrated into my schedule now. For those who are eager to have cats or kittens or animals in general, be mentally and physically prepared to commit your time and energy to these furry creatures. The acquisition part may be fun and exciting but the maintenance part is less of a novelty.


I am just sitting on the chair with absolutely no intention of jumping onto the table…

Signing off with love,


Friendly Green Giants

When my parents visited last year, they took half a day to explore Montreal’s botanical garden. I was not with them. It was either because I was busy preparing for the wedding or I was on my honeymoon. Either way, I did not feel that I have missed something exceptional. In my mind, a garden here or a garden in Singapore would probably be the same thing, being surrounded by lots of greens.

We had visitors from France, friends of Dan. While discussing over possible places of interest, the botanical garden entered the priority list, naturally. Since there have been heavy publicity done on this event called Mosaïcultures Internationales Montréal 2013 – Land of Hope, we decided it must be worth visiting. Guess what made the impression? Beautiful pictures of giant sculptures done out of plants. The wonders of visual effects.

Nothing beats the real thing. Standing in front of these giants, I felt towered over by them. Looking up close, I was impressed at how the details were skilfully accentuated. In my mind, I was wondering how they actually maintain these plants sculptures on a daily basis. Imagine the manpower needed! These sculptures have been brought to us by professionals all over the world. Every sculpture has a meaning and inspiration behind it so if do you visit, take some time to read through the write up. I am glad that I had the chance to walk through these majestic friendly giants. The event ends on the 22nd of September so you still have some time to catch this magical display if you have not done so yet!

Some of my favourite shots of the day:

Mosaïcultures Internationales Montréal 2013 Mosaïcultures Internationales Montréal 2013 Mosaïcultures Internationales Montréal 2013 Mosaïcultures Internationales Montréal 2013 Mosaïcultures Internationales Montréal 2013 Mosaïcultures Internationales Montréal 2013 Mosaïcultures Internationales Montréal 2013

There are many more to see than what’s here! For more information, please visit: http://www.mosaiculturesinternationales.ca/en/

Signing off with love,



A Road Trip to Gaspésie

A rejuvenation for the body and soul.

We decided on this one week road trip quite randomly. Dan said that he needed to disconnect hence a holiday far away from home is ideal. Our far away equates to more than three hours drive from Montreal. Since I have not visited the region of Gaspésie, Dan thought it would be a good place to visit because he enjoyed his previous trip there.  We decided to camp at the National Park of Gaspésie.

Our total drive time was approximately eight hours (one way). We broke down the travelling time into two days where we stayed over at a hostel in the city Rivière-du-Loup for a night. This is the longest road trip I have done thus far and I have learned certain important lessons during the journey.

Be mentally prepared – Anything can happen during a road trip, whether it is human created chaos or Mother Nature taking her course. We should definitely have an plan for our trip but we need to be mentally prepared for things to happen unexpectedly and adapt accordingly. In our case, we had a flat tire just after 45 minutes of car ride. Under the hot, sweltering summer sun, Dan had to change the tires and we had to send the car to the nearest mechanic right after. We got delayed up to four hours.

Give sufficient travelling time – Due to the flat tire, we reached the hostel at 8pm. Imagine if we were ambitious and tried to reach our destination in a day. We would have reached the park at midnight where we would be buried in darkness, feeling tired and frustrated.

With abundance of time on hand, we had the luxury to stop over at places of interest. We were drawn to fromageries (a place where they produce and sell cheese) and the one that blew us away was Fromagerie des Basques at Trios-Pistoles. They are known for selling a type of cheese which makes the sound ‘kwick kwick’ when you chew on it. I was definitely in cheese paradise.

Cheese from Fromagerie des Basques at Trios-Pistoles

Cheese from Fromagerie des Basques at Trios-Pistoles

Check the condition of your car – We forgot about this totally. Since we do not have our own car, we missed out the important routine of checking the condition of a car before heading out on a long drive.  Areas of inspection include the wipers, fluid levels, the car battery, the rubber of the tires and the car’s brake pads.

Dress comfortably – Whether you are the driver or the passenger, you are going to be in the car for a long time so put on clothes as comfortable as your pajamas!

Once we reached the park, we set up our tent and got ourselves installed. We were blessed with good weather as it was sunny until the day where we were supposed to depart. Situated near a lake, we took daily dips in the chilly water where freshwater leeches hid under rocks. We did not know about the leeches until one day, a family with two kids warned us of leech sighting in the water. I was afraid of going into the lake initially but when we caught a leech in a small scoop and the little girl fondled it curiously, I realized that they were not so dangerous after all.

Sunset by the lake

Wanting a challenge, we did a five hours hike up Le Pic du Brûlé. We were rewarded with a magnificent view of an array of mountains but at the same time, we were exhausted at the end of the day. I was reminded of my first and last half marathon where my knees and ankles throbbed with unpleasant sensations at the end of the race. We took three days to recover from the fatigue before doing our second hike which was only two hours. The view was no less satisfying. We also managed to catch sight of a female moose with her child.

Right on top

Overseeing the mountains


Le mont Ernest-Laforce

The moose on the trail

Last but not least, Gaspésie has fresh seafood everywhere! Back in Singapore, I did not really crave to go a restaurant just for fresh fish, prawns, crabs etc because you can always buy them at the market. However, in Montreal, it is almost impossible to find fresh seafood (or it is really pricey) since the cargos have to be shipped from other cities, provinces or countries. We feasted on various types of fishes, prawns, scallops and lobster. Enough cholesterol for the next few months!

Fresh scallops and prawns with garlic

Signing off with love,


Does Spring ‘BLUES’ Exist?

The words started to mean more than instructions. They seem to be directed at me. I shook my head subtly. This can’t be right. She must be talking about something in an objective manner. The words droned on. My mind started to catch words like ‘integration’, ‘culture’, ‘exposure’… She was saying something along the line of I am not doing it right. Flustered emotions began to rise within me. My lips started to quiver as I felt the words attacking my body, my mind and my soul. She says I act like a kid. Really? My brain started to justify. Stop it, I told myself. This is nothing personal, I added. She continued her lecture on being an independent learner, one who learns from both inside and outside of the classroom. Stop it, I told her silently. My chest started to heave in a faster rhythm as the time between breaths gets shorter.  I wriggled uncomfortably in my seat, trying to distract my mind from the words that seemed to be hurling mercilessly towards me. She is finally turning the spotlight away from me. I stood up and moved towards the door, ending my morning class with, ‘Je m’excuse.’

Tears spilled as I ran off to the green patch of field just beside. The short burst gave my body the opportunity to release the unspoken sadness. The day was beautiful, with the almost perfect weather where you can take a nice long walk without feeling too uncomfortably warm.  I settled onto a wooden bench where I faced an empty tennis court. Questions came, making me wonder what had just happened back there. The ego probably took a hit as she felt that her hard work and effort have not been acknowledged. The space was heavenly compared to the suffocating room. The quietness which surrounded me allowed the noises that crowded my mind to slowly seep away. I took a deep breath before continuing sobbing away in solitude…


The miscommunication has been cleared up between the teacher and I. Today’s episode has just triggered off months of unsaid thoughts and emotions. Learning a new language is a challenge. You meet people who are encouraging, you also cross path with people who are not. As a tourist, life is in general cozy and blissful. Yet as an immigrant, things roughen up a lot more. Will all these experiences strength me as a person? I do hope so. As of now, I am still going forward of course.

Signing off with love,


Discovery of New Interests


As the climate starts to warm up a little, the city starts to emerge from the silence of winter. Mornings are awaken by the lively sounds of chirping birds while people start to take their coffee or beer outside of their house. Squirrels are out skittering from one front/ back yard to another, looking for food or maybe just a mate. A few days ago, I was bemused when I saw a pair of ducks in the canal while crossing the bridge. Where did they come from?

I made a surprising note about myself recently. I was stressed but for a different reason. For those who have not already guessed, I am usually hard on myself and my focus in always about achieving more in life. This word ‘achieving’ is set in a context where the milestones are measurable. The progressiveness is usually scaled according to money, status and power. Having been in the position of a so-called home maker for almost a year and a half now, my perspective of life is finally taking a turn. When they say old habits die hard, they were not joking.

So what am I stressed about this time? The stress here is not something negative as I am excited about my new projects. I would like to 1) try my hand in baking bread and 2) planting herbs. Since I am enrolled in a new school for French classes which happens three times a week, classes and homework have kept me well occupied. I need to block out some time to kick start my mini projects.

Who would ever thought I would be interested in baking bread! However, times have changed and I am really starting to enjoy the art of cooking where your food is your creation. I have seen beautiful pictures of homemade bread on my friend’s facebook. I am such a sucker for food that even a picture could trigger off the greediness in me. She shared a recipe with me and I just need to get down to realizing it.

Bread baked by PY. How to resist?

Bread baked by PY. How to resist?

I have read, heard and seen people planting their own vegetables and herbs in their backyards. That’s how far it went. The thought of having my own mini vegetable farm never crossed my mind. I could only imagine causing them an unjustified death. Yet this time round, the ‘mother nature side’ of me decided to take a bold stand. ‘Try it!’ says her. I do not have my own yard but I do have a small balcony so I could start from there.

This is a beautiful moment for me as I am able to experience something different. I am finally starting to discover some interests of my own. Hurray to that!

Signing off with love,


Unguided Ramblings

I woke up staring in the direction of the window. The sun is up and the glare made it obvious that half the day has passed. I checked my cell phone that guards by me throughout the night. It has been my faithful alarm clock but since it is the ‘holidays’, it is on vacation as well. The time reads 1:15pm.

‘What time did I go to bed last night?’ I asked myself.

Holiday is pretty much defined as ‘a day on which one is exempted from work’. My holidays are based on Dan’s holidays because I do not have work, not officially anyway. Since last weekend was Easter, Dan had Friday, Monday and Tuesday off, which means late nights with no morning disturbances. Recently, I do not seem to be able to go pass 2am. My eyelids start to feel heavy and I start to act like a two years old grouchy kid. I know it is time for bed. So after sleeping for almost 11 hours, why do I wake up feeling numb? Where is that little brewing excitement in me when I actually get to sleep in because I know that I do not have to worry about the day and its schedule?

A few obvious reasons for being upset with myself for sleeping in:

  1. I have wasted half the day. What can I really do in the next 4 hours before the sun goes down?
  2. I am such a lazy arse. How can I sleep in till such a time when I don’t even work?
  3. What am I going to do today? What’s there to look forward to?

As we can see, I am hard on myself once again. The rational part of me knows that my body needed the sleep and that is why it could turn off the power button till rested. However, it is point number three that pokes at me consistently. My day seems the same every day. While many are envious that I do not have to work, I would remind them that the grass on the other field always look greener. I would not say that work is the key to happiness but I would say that it gives an outline to one’s life or something to focus on. A holiday escapade, as a solution to stressful work, is at least something to look forward to. When winter is all cold and gloomy, you appreciate the summer sun and warmth. When you are used to living in high-rise apartments, you appreciate the beauty of low-rise apartments. When you are surrounded by sky scrapers, you look at vast grasslands in awe. When you are busy in life, holidays and time-offs are like having sweet desserts where you savour every bit of it.

Friends are another important aspect of life. I never beg to differ but recently, the sense of loneliness felt greater than before. Quite a number of good friends whom I have made during my stay here have returned to their own countries. After returning from my trip to Singapore, it made me more conscious of the missing puzzles in my life. Making a new friend is like courtship. You meet up with the person once or twice and if the chemistry is there, you continue pursuing this new relationship. However, if the spark is missing, you just have to laissez tomber.

This is just a rambling blog since I don’t feel too well. I need to release my tangled thoughts and unsettled feelings so this is my dumping ground. I probably need to find myself some activities where I find purpose and I find friends. Or maybe just pick up new interests. That shouldn’t be too hard, should it?

A French music video to share:

Lisa LeBlanc: Aujourd’hui, ma vie c’est d’la marde (Today, my life is shit)


Signing off with love,


Endless Amazement with Snow

I kind of understand now why some people in Montreal do not like winter. When winter stretches almost six months long, it can be frustrating. We are in March and everyday I wonder if spring is here. Despite my one month escapism to a tropical island, I still look forward to put on a fancy outer layer instead of my same old winter jacket.

Last week we had a snow storm. Snow still amazes me a lot especially when there is whole lot of them; when they cover the roads and eventually the cars along the roads. Hopefully that’s the last snow storm we are having this winter as it needs to makes space for other seasons!

A snow storm in Montreal in mid March.

A snow storm in Montreal in mid March.

A street full of snow.

A street full of snow.

Signing off with love,