Learning French!

I have finished my 1 month of French lessons which also means officially clearing the beginner’s level. Thereafter, I am supposed to have 2 weeks of revision before moving up to pre-intermediate level. I have been happier and more occupied since I started my classes because it was something I could focus on. As usual, I would be hard on myself and wonder how come I still can’t understand people’s conversation. A teacher said that this is normal because I have to get used to the sound of the language first and it doesn’t help that French speakers have a tendency to speak really fast. Dan also told me that I am already speaking more than his kids in school! So I guess I should acknowledge the milestones I have covered for the last month. Sometimes it is good to push ourselves to achieve more, however, other times it may be better to set realistic milestones such that we get spurred on to go further. The journey in life is a marathon, not a race. We need to pace ourselves accordingly to cover that extra mile.

During one of the Christmas gatherings, Dan’s nephew received a sponge bob square pants book and I started reading it. It is already difficult for my level. More work to be done!