About me

My name is Esther and I am a Singaporean who is currently residing in Montreal. I have always been stubborn in following my dreams, my passion and doing what I feel is right. Someone shared these words of wisdom before, ‘You should be happy to be a human. If you are in hell, you suffer the torture without a choice; if you are in heaven, you cannot experience happiness because there is no saddness. Hence as a human, you get to make choices in life and live everyday with a different experience.’ I could not agree more.

The first phase of my life was rough as my heart and mind could not align with the system I was in. I hated school, failing 7 out of 9 subjects at one point in time. Instead, I pursued the sports i.e badminton and dragon boating which I love and explored adventures like leading a team to Cambodia to build houses and teaching English language to an orphanage there. Fortunately, count my blessings, I made it through a good university and graduated with a Bachelor in Science (Economics).

The second phase of my life conformed to the wants of the society. All I had in mind was to craft out a good career path, make lots of money and start accumulating assets at one point in time. What was working 12 hours a day? Sleeping 5 to 6 hours a day was a norm. Work hard, play hard and I would be happy.

The human engine started to fail. Too many late nights took a toil on the body. The dark rings under my eyes decided to take on a Permanent Residency status and they were so significant that I would not leave the house without having my concealer on. I knew I was not happy. That was not the life I wanted in the long term. I needed to pull the hand brake and make a drastic change for things to be different. Upon hearing my request, the universe sent a special someone into my life when I least expected it. His presence made me realise that I have stopped hearing and following my heart. I went with the notion that the mind is strong and I could fulfil whatever things in life whether I liked it or not.

I am now moving into another phase in life where I am starting my life all over again. ‘Clt + Alt + Del’. I made a big decision to relocate to be with that special someone who has been giving me unconditional love and support. While adapting to a new country, I am allowing what truly matters to settle within me and from there, live a life of eternal dreams and happiness. I will share more personal stories going forward and if you need some inspirations in life, feel free to follow my blog.

‘Dream well, live well, be well. Love yourself and the universe will align itself to you.’ 


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