A Non-Traditional Chinese New Year

祝大: 马年吉祥!马到功成!马年行大运

Chinese New Year has been pretty simple this year. No spring cleaning, no shopping for new clothes, no visiting of family and friends. There has not been much of a 气氛 (atmosphere) for me here since my family are not with me and I am not at all integrated into the Chinese community. While saying that, I still enjoyed this festive season, with my two BFFs, Xiaowei and Lili, in an untraditional way. We tried to hype up some fun amongst ourselves. The plan was to have a meal together and bake some Singaporean style pineapple tarts. XW and I were in charge of the pineapple tarts, naturally, though we are two newbies at it, while Lili was the head chef for our CNY lunch. The menu was evident – hot, spicy Sichuanese food. As she says it, “我的招牌菜 (my signature dish) !”


Another way to commemorate CNY is gambling. However, instead of gambling with money, we decided to use wasabi peas since we had a newcomer. A little creativity allowed everyone to spice up their life with wasabi burning up the nostrils. 


We planned to finish making our tarts within a day but we started the day late (how does it always end up like that…) and on top of that, we took our time to savour the amazing home cooked meal. In the end, we only managed to do up the jam.


The pastry was left to the next day where we tried to work as efficiently as possible since we + husbands were craving to have a taste of the end product.


For first timers, I must say we have done a darn good job. Of course there are always areas for improvements but for now, I am popping those tarts in my mouth like nobody’s business! 


Not too bad for a quiet CNY. Sending out all my love and wishes to friends and family back home! You have been missed! 


Signing of with love, 



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