20 Centimetres of Snow

Saturday afternoon hit a temperature low of -18 degrees yet it was supposed to feel like -28 degrees due to wind and humidity. It was all good then since Dan and I were taking our time waking up to the gloomy sky and having our brunch at a placid pace. However, we had a Christmas party that evening which meant that we had to leave our cozy nest. With the extreme cold in Quebec and the inconvenience of staircases in metro stations, I have long ditched heels and fancy shoes. Flats, snickers and boots have been my top picks. Yet for that faithful evening, I wanted to dress up. Vanity overpowered comfort. I headed out with four layers of top (sufficiently warm), a pair of skin toned stockings and a pair of winter boots. We had to walk to a friend’s place for a car ride which was a stone’s throw away. Within thirty seconds, my legs were numb from the cold and a minute later, an uncomfortable sizzling sensation coursed through my almost naked thighs which made me squirm in agony. Fortunately, we managed to reach our destination before my pair of legs was a goner. *exaggeration*

The Christmas party was great fun with the usual gang of people who hung out till late. The dance floor ‘stopped’ at about 230 a.m. The snow storm had probably started while we were feasting like hungry animals. By the time we left the place, we could barely see the roads. As we made our way to the car, beautiful flakes were showered upon us while we used what’s left of us to plow through the snow. In a car pool of four, we drove at a turtle speed of 45km/h as driving visibility was not more than 50m to 80m.

The snow did not take a break for a good whole night and the following day. That resulted in a city covered in white with cars disappearing under the blankets of snow while residents busied themselves with clearing their walkways and balconies.

On my end, I remain fascinated with the snowfall. As a tropical girl, I feel like I am in a fairytale!  As I walked down the streets snapping some photos, some people greeted me with warm smiles before resuming their shoveling. With a little more time at hand, I would definitely love to head up to Mount Royal to do some magic carpeting!









Signing off with love,



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