Discovery of New Interests

As the climate starts to warm up a little, the city starts to emerge from the silence of winter. Mornings are awaken by the lively sounds of chirping birds while people start to take their coffee or beer outside of their house. Squirrels are out skittering from one front/ back yard to another, looking for food or maybe just a mate. A few days ago, I was bemused when I saw a pair of ducks in the canal while crossing the bridge. Where did they come from?

I made a surprising note about myself recently. I was stressed but for a different reason. For those who have not already guessed, I am usually hard on myself and my focus in always about achieving more in life. This word ‘achieving’ is set in a context where the milestones are measurable. The progressiveness is usually scaled according to money, status and power. Having been in the position of a so-called home maker for almost a year and a half now, my perspective of life is finally taking a turn. When they say old habits die hard, they were not joking.

So what am I stressed about this time? The stress here is not something negative as I am excited about my new projects. I would like to 1) try my hand in baking bread and 2) planting herbs. Since I am enrolled in a new school for French classes which happens three times a week, classes and homework have kept me well occupied. I need to block out some time to kick start my mini projects.

Who would ever thought I would be interested in baking bread! However, times have changed and I am really starting to enjoy the art of cooking where your food is your creation. I have seen beautiful pictures of homemade bread on my friend’s facebook. I am such a sucker for food that even a picture could trigger off the greediness in me. She shared a recipe with me and I just need to get down to realizing it.

Bread baked by PY. How to resist?

Bread baked by PY. How to resist?

I have read, heard and seen people planting their own vegetables and herbs in their backyards. That’s how far it went. The thought of having my own mini vegetable farm never crossed my mind. I could only imagine causing them an unjustified death. Yet this time round, the ‘mother nature side’ of me decided to take a bold stand. ‘Try it!’ says her. I do not have my own yard but I do have a small balcony so I could start from there.

This is a beautiful moment for me as I am able to experience something different. I am finally starting to discover some interests of my own. Hurray to that!

Signing off with love,



2 thoughts on “Discovery of New Interests

    • It gets lazy when you just have to cook for one! Cooking for 2 or more if fun but then cooking almost every other day does get tiring. lol.. humans are hard to please!

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