A White Christmas

Changes happen so fast that sometimes we need occasions to remind us of the changes we have been through.

IMG_2142I am happy that I got what I wished for this year – A White Christmas. Even today, there is snow everywhere, not just one to two centimetres high but at least ankle deep, all thanks to the magnificent snow storm in Montreal. The snow looked so white and clean (not those along the roads or side walks) that I have this urge to scoop a handful and put them into my mouth. I am not sure if my tongue would like it though

Want some snow?

There have been so many changes in my life in the last one year that even Christmas, ayearly affair, is immensely different for me this year. I would define this particular festive season to be calm and stuffed. I will explain the latter first as I know you relate to it fast. Christmas = festive season = love = lots of food. Who can resist the glorious food? As for the former, there has been a big shift from a zone of unfamiliarity to a zone of familiarity hence the result of calmness. Last year, it was my first time meeting Dan’s family and there were two challenges 1) they were almost strangers and our conversations were mainly introductions 2) one side of the family spoke French as their maternal language and the other side of the family spoke Spanish. Even though they were able to communicate with me in English, it still made a difference when you don’t speak their mother tongue. Over the year, several family gatherings have allowed me to build up certain bonds.

If you are in a similar situation like me in terms of feeling stuffed, fret not as the New Year is coming so that’s the usual time of the year to make some resolutions like to lose some pounds! While saying that, I am not a fan of New Year Resolutions but I do take the time to consolidate my year and set new intentions for the coming year. I have come up with five questions to reflect upon. They have been daunting yet refreshing. You are free to use them if you have not done a stock take on your life yet.

Questions to reflect on:

1)      Things I have done in 2012 and how am I proud of each of them.

2)      Things I am thankful for in 2012.

3)      What do I not like about 2012?

4)      What would I like to fulfill in 2013?

5)      What would I like to do differently in 2013? (so as not to have to repeat no. 3)

Initially I thought I should be able to get it done in a few hours. In the end, it took me three days to finish answering all five questions. I took a few hours each day to really ponder over a question or two. Coming up with an exhaustive list is confronting and it is easy to be distracted. However, it also allowed me to realise things which I have not realised before or things which I have taken for granted, for example, I am thankful that Dan has a job hence we are able to pay the bills and keep warm. I am thankful for the opportunity to learn and use a new language. I am thankful for having loving and supporting people around me. The list goes on…

How would my 2013 look like? I have no clue but I will have to embrace uncertainty and enjoy the process of life.

How will your 2013 look like?

Signing off with love,



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