Real VS Fake Breaks

Facebook is invading my brain!!!

As per every other unconscious moment, I always have this notion that I am a super woman. The super woman in my case does not refer to a super hero with the noble cause of saving the world. Instead, it refers to a woman with 10 hands, trying to juggle everything at the same time. When these hands start working nonstop, you will begin to observe the emission of smoke, followed by the deterioration of the control center. Finally, all the hands are entangled and superwoman is officially in a breakdown mode.

Taking breaks are necessary to manage the longer journey. However, taking ineffective breaks only leads to more restlessness and diminished motivation. There have been times where I told myself that I would take a quick 10 minutes break in between of my activities and what did I do? I surfed facebook. What happened next? 30 minutes went by just like that. I am not upset that I took a longer break than expected but I am disappointed that I did not protect my own time. I gave the precious 30 minutes to Mr. Facebook. What did he share with me? Pictures of Asian, Western, Mediterranean food etc. Updates on inspirations, frustrations and random daily comments. More pictures of babies, dogs, and a bruise maybe?

I have to admit that some of the updates are amusing and give me a good laugh at times while some other times, I can myself updated on someone’s life. Yet the rest of the time, I felt my brain rotting away with the influx of random information. As much as social media has gained significant popularity in our world today, being in control of this modern technology and being controlled by it result in a polarity outcome. Since I felt I was losing myself with the endless updates on facebook, I decided to take a break from it. Deleting my account did cross my mind but I decided that I still enjoying keeping myself updated once in a while.

Hence, to re-emphasize my point, clicking mindlessly on facebook has not proved to be an ideal way to take a break. The next myth I have, checking my emails and reading information on random websites is another good way to free the mind. *DANG DANG* This does not work for me too. Even though the information of the websites are of no relevance nor importance to me, there are still a lot of information that is being processed through the channels of my tiny brain. Instead of letting the mind rest, I am actually triggering it to work extra harder!

After stubbornly sticking to some perceived methods of relaxation, I decided to explore and take some steps of change. Much to my pleasant surprise, the simplest day to day activities are what free my mind. These activities include:

–          Cooking (excluding washing of dishes)

–          Packing the house (a cluttered environment reflects a cluttered mind!)

–          Ironing (I am probably hypothesized by the iron which goes right to left and left to right)

–          Watching dramas (I always thought wasting TV/ dramas is a waste of time. That assumption was made as I thought I had to always put my time to productive use. But hey! I deserve to let me imagination be taken to a different dimension too!)

–          Eating (always makes me happy!)

–          A cup of aromatic steaming coffee (with sugar and milk please!)

A break is meant for brain to rest isn’t it? It is therefore important to find an activity that takes your mind off the serious tedious to-dos list. Everyone has their own ways of having a well deserved break. I have discovered mine. What’s yours?


Signing off with love,



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