Why is Bachelorette Party So Important?

The only time you get all the attention, do the most embarrassing things in your life and actually not be judged.

Being in a not so foreign land (since I have been here almost a year now), I thought I would not be having a bachelorette party before my wedding as all my girlfriends are in Singapore or somewhere else in the world. I also thought maybe it was no big deal whether I had this party or not. Fortunately, blessed with beautiful people, I had a group of girls who decided to plan my bachelorette party which happened two weeks before the wedding. I am glad it all happened.

The suspense

Discussions had been going on via FB as I knew but I had no idea what had been planned out for me. I did not pry for any information because that’s the whole idea of having a bachelorette. Enjoy the suspense and adrenaline rush and trust your girl friends to plan something amazing for you.

Time to drop everything and relax

If someone tells you that marriage preparation is no frill and relaxing, he/she has either hired a wedding planner or he/she is lying. Even with a wedding planner, if you want the wedding day to go well, you will still be mentally stressed as you do not want to miss out any important details. Stressed out is an understatement. The details were driving me nuts, not discounting the fact that I have the ‘If I set my mind to do something, I want to do it real well’ mentality. I was glad that a friend reminded me to take a break on my bachelorette. It was my day off and I should just enjoy myself.  That was what I did – basked in the evening of activities which were taken care off.

Experiencing something new

Actually I experienced two new things!

1) I had my first pole dancing class. As an audience, pole dancing looks so intriguing and sexy! However, when I was on the pole, it was challenging and painful. I have heard how real pole dancing i.e. those at competition or performance level, requires some gymnastic skills. Now, I can truly testify to that!

2) I had my first visit to Montreal’s gay village and my first time stepping into a gay club. I always wanted to visit a gay club in Singapore but never had the chance to do so. Even though there were some pests, I have to say that it really is much safer to be in a gay club as you are not their interest. At the gay village, I had many challenges to do, for example, selling penis-looking cookies! Selling to gays? I had some unexpected yet interesting conversation. I was also quite impressed with myself when I had to use French to communicate. I guess in a situation like that, I was pretty much in ‘survival mode’.


Time apart from your other half

On my end, since I live with my partner, we see each other every day and 80% of the time, we are somehow talking about something which is related to the wedding. Not cool. Heading out for a girly night was a good opportunity to give my other half some breathing space and also to give some time to myself. I did feel a sense of relief when I was just hanging out with the girls, having a nice meal at a restaurant. One evening is not that long but I had the chance to pop myself several questions like:

‘Is he really the man I am willing to spend the rest of my life with?’

‘Do I see an eternal future for the both of us?’

‘Will I be able to go through all the ups and downs with him; through sickness and health?’

‘Am I ready to be married, like FOR REAL?

I was glad that the answer ‘yes’ resonated within me. It was necessary for me to be sure as marriage has always been something sacred to me.

Party time!

This may not be applicable to all but since I love to dance, dancing a club allowed me to lose myself in the music. We ended at 2am that night. I could have gone on all night but I knew that was not a wise choice as tiredness was already slowly seeping into my body.     

Thank you my beautiful ladies who made this happened and missing my BFFs back home!

Signing off with love,



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