The Trilogy of Goal and its Prodigious Effect

Have you ever watched a film that is so bad that you feel like you just wasted 90 minutes of your life? If you have, my condolences; if not, try watching the trilogy of Goal.

Here is a summary of what happened in the first two parts of the trilogy:

Goal I (

Santiago Munez, the son of a gardener whose family entered the US illegally from Mexico, is a talented footballer. His dream was to be able to play football professionally one day. However, coming from a poor family, he never thought it was possible. On a random day, he was noticed by Glen Foy, a former Newcastle United player. Glen believed in Santiago’s talent and through his persistency he managed to secure Santiago a tryout with Newcastle United.  Even though Santiago did not manage to get the support of his father, he found a way to fly to England nonetheless.  He had to fight certain battles initially, with his physical condition being one of them. He was afraid that the team manager would not allow him to do the tryouts if he was found to have asthma. Fortunately, his hard work paid off and he was given the opportunity to play in the main team. During the journey, he fell in love with his club’s nurse, Roz Harminson.

My reaction: Love it! Love the English accent! ;p

Goal II (

The title says it all, ‘Living the dream’. Santiago Munez is now one of the hot favourites in the world of football and he even has the opportunity to be transferred to Real Madrid team. Roz was angry with him as he did not manage to discuss his decision with her.  Santiago had to move to Spain while she stays in Newcastle. Loaded with money, he bought a huge house in Spain where Roz could stay whenever she visited him. However, life starts to get complicated when he realised that his mum, who left the family without a word years ago, was living in Mexico with his step brother. He did not know if he was ready to meet them. Troubled with the thoughts, he screwed up one of his main matches which led to a fight with Ros who flew back to Newcastle United, frustrated. Without Ros, he could only focus on his trainings and matches. Unfortunately he got distracted by a hot latin lady and photos of them were published. Ros saw the photos and after giving Santiago a good lashing, she decided to call it quits. The film ended with Santiago helping Real Madrid win the Champions League and with Ros pregnant yet unwilling to pick up Santiago’s call. The last words from the film were ‘to be continued…’

My reaction: Ok, not too bad. More on the field action but still alright. So what happens to Ros? I want to know!

Goal III (

The story revolved mainly around Santiago’s two best friends who were players for England National team…

My reaction: *$&%@##*!% Why the hell will I be interested in the lives of the two newly introduced characters where there has not been an ending put to the previous character?

When it came to the end of Goal III, Dan and I rose from our sinking positions on the chair. Our jaws dropped and our frozen emotions quickly melted into frustration, “What the hell just happened? Where is the story line? What happened to Santiago Munez, his ex-fiancée, his grandmother, brother etc.’?

Apparently, there has been no theatrical release for Goal III but it went straight into DVDs. I wonder if the producers know that the film is that bad hence the wise decision to not release it in the cinema. I am curious about their line of thoughts. Why even waste their time producing an unrelated film which then results in a waste of time watching it? I am amused by the feedbacks given by other viewers. We weren’t the only people tricked into watching it. Then again, we chose to watch it even though we saw that the reviews weren’t that good. To experience is to believe.

Signing off with love,



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