Defrosting the Mini Fridge

A mini project for Dan and I – clearing the fridge, defrosting it and putting all the stuff back after. The actual deed was done yesterday but it was almost a week project. Why? That is because we have to stop buying stuff in order to empty the fridge. The idea of emptying the fridge draws tension to my blood. Yet on the contrary, having the fridge filled up causes a great amount of stress to Dan.

Having a mini fridge is great for one person or a couple because it reduces the amount of wastage. I remember when we had a bigger fridge there will be times where I reached to the back and pull something out, exclaiming, “Ewww! This is rotten!”


We have had the fridge for about 5 months now. The reason why we had to defrost it was because the freezer started to accumulate ice and our food stored in there would not be completely frozen. That is a down side to it. You have to manage the mini fridge every 6 months or so. Since it was nearly impossible, at least in my own world, to clear the fridge, I decided to buy us a cooler box to aid us in this exercise. The box was definitely useful and something necessary for our camping trip this summer!


Something to note when defrosting the fridge: do it during the day because water will be flowing all over. Ensure that you have cloths laid around to absorb the water. From time to time, you will have to squeeze the cloths dry before putting them back into position. Once all the ice is gone, it is a good practice to dry the interior of the machine before putting your food back. It is quite simple as long as you put time aside for it.

Now that our fridge is cleared and cleaned, it looks brand new! After our weekly grocery shopping, the fridge looks happy and so am I!


Signing off with love,



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