Feeling Under the Weather

The Weather is Not the Culprit! >< 

Another of those rare hot sweltering days! Today the temperature hit a high of 30 degrees celcius. For the first time since my arrival in Montreal, the fan has been mobilized. According to the weather forecast, Imagewarm temperatures may be more often that rare in the days to come, or not? Montreal’s weather has been eccentric enough for me to lay off expectations. Hence a piece of advice, always check the weather forecast before you head out otherwise, bring an extra jacket out with you. Better to have more clothes than less.

I have been feeling tired and restless for the last few days. Is this the result of the change in temperature? Family and friends have been falling sick too. How could a nicer weather be detrimental to the health? With the sunshine greeting me every day, shouldn’t I be feeling all excited and energized?

There have been claims that winter causes people to fall sick hence they do not like the season. Initially, I thought the claim is logical because winter is cold which then result in people catching a cold. However, after surviving winter, I do think that people dislike winter for other reasons but the easier option was to just blame the weather. When winter came in November/ December, the air was so fresh. I found the surroundings really clean (aside from the slush which came in the later part of the season) and I was washed away by a sense of tranquility. The truth is, it is easy to feel lazy during winter because in order to go out of the house, you have to mount a few layers of clothes unto yourself. With the majority of the time spent in a heated apartment, one does not get the fresh air that does good to the body. A parallel example can be drawn to people staying in air conditioned offices all the time. They breathe recycled air and once someone gets sick, the rest of the office catches the love too.

ImageSo now spring is here, what happens around me? The city literally comes to life. I start to learn about who are my neighbours are as they emerge from their dwellings. Deciduous trees grow new leaves, flowers blossom and patches of green start covering up the soil land. Our little squirrel friends are also scampering around excitedly.  Unfortunately, not all is perfect. Pollen in the air often results in allergies and respiratory problems. Dust and dirt fill the air as more cars hit the road. Getting all hyped up with the heat, it is also easy to forget to drink up which results in dehydration. That explains the headaches and fatigue that one suffers from.

On my end, I definitely need to hydrate myself more. I probably need to buy more fruits to replenish our body’s vitamin C. We should be responsible for our own health and not blame something that is not within our control. Drink up, sleep well, pop some vitamin pills and avoid staying under the sun for too long! That should keep us in a good state to enjoy the summer!

Signing off with love,



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