Remembering the Cause

I am thankful for the opportunity to re-wire my life. 

History has shown how people forget the past easily and repeat certain mistakes in life. Take for example the property bubble which happened in Singapore in 1996. Singaporeans were buying properties out of their means and when the bubble burst, those who were heavily invested suffered major losses. However, going by the euphoria which swept by the market over the years and together with the tendency for people to forget, this crash is probably long distant by now. Not surprisingly, there have been new predictions on another property bubble coming up in year 2013.

Writing and keeping journals have been great ways to not only release my rainbow of moods, they also help me remember the different kinds of journeys I have walked in life. Then, when I read back on some of my entries, I get refresh along memory lane. Bagged with this irresistible need to worry, there are periods of time where I see myself engulfed in black. For example, it has been 6 months since I last worked. Given the enjoyment I find in making myself utile, I have this dying need to send out my resumes to find a job, any job. The inability to contribute to the household and the limitation on my expenditure draw an indefinable depth of upset and hence mood swings. This is the time where I pull out my priority list from the back of my mind.

Priority #1 – Wedding planning

Priority #2 – Learning French

Priority #3 – Taking care of myself, Dan and the house

As I take a deep breath to let reality sink in, my mood calms down. A few days ago, I read through the introduction which I rode for myself in my blog. I realised that I have forgotten my reasons to be here, in Montreal. I forgot how I have over worked my body previously and sought after things which I thought were important. Am I going to let history repeat itself?  An instant cold shudder ran through my body. A good sign because at least I am sure of what I do not want. A blank page in front of me can either cause a sense of lost or excitement. I choose the latter. I want to be the author of my own life.

Long, long time ago, I wished for a prince charming whom I can ride a horse with to a land far, far away; someone who will enjoy my presence for the rest of our lives and vice versa. Here I am today with Dan, a whole new road waiting ahead of us. Last week marks the our first year encounter in Seoul (more can be read from my previous post ‘My Valentine’s Day Story – When East Meets West’ .  

To celebrate this special encounter, we went to a Korean restaurant with our 2 beloved Korean friends. How significant indeed. A toast to our new lives which we have a hand in creating it together!




*** The Korean restaurant is called Hwang-Kum, located at 5908 Rue Sherbrooke West, Montreal. As claimed by my Korean girl friend, the best and most authentic Korean food in Montreal.  

Signing off with love,




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