Birthdays with Peruvian Classics

Dan and I had a packed weekend the week before. We had two birthday parties to attend, followed by a sugar shack outing with his co-workers (more information in the next blog). I am not complaining as I was well-fed over the weekend. Being well-fed always makes me happy.

I love birthdays, especially those of kids because you see them all excited with big smiles hanging on their faces. Normally you don’t see them around at the start because they are probably playing somewhere with their peers. Are these children filled with joy just because of the presents they receive or are they also happy because there are many loved ones around? Image

I remembered when I was in primary school, I wanted big birthday parties every year. Unfortunately, that was not possible as it was just too much work for my parents. Despite that, I was still happy with the few big bashes I had. Not only was I elated with the numerous presents I received, I was even more thrilled when all my family and friends were gathered together. The boisterous ambience never fails to keep my blood pumping and energy going. With all the running and screaming kids in the house, it must have been a handful for the adults. As I moved on from my childhood days, to my teenage days, to my youth days and finally making the mark as an adult, I came to realise that birthdays are only special because you have your loved ones to celebrate with you. Birthday is a good reason to bring people together.

So this birthday I attended was a bit more special to me because of the cuisine. Since Dan is half Peruvian, we were fed with home-made Peruvian food. The food looked good and tasted even better.

1)      Papa a la Huancaina


This is one of the most famous Peruvian dishes. It is a Peruvian salad prepared with boiled potatoes and topped with a spicy and creamy sauce. It is often served as an appetizer at room temperature.

2)      Aji de Gallina (improvised)


A Peruvian classic, this dish is served with bright yellow spicy sauce (made from aji amarillo peppers) and chicken over white rice. However, since we had kids in the house, the sauce was made non-spicy and vegetables were added to it too.

3)      Alfajores (what we know as butter cookies)


I must say this made my top 10 list for sweet desserts. Alfajores are shortbread cookies with a sweet filling of dulce de leche (sweetened milk). To me, a good alfajore is when you bite into it, the crust is soft and flaky yet not too dry and when you reach the inside, the caramelized fluid just teases your taste bud.

4)      Budin


I could not find much information on it but from what I understand, it is made with coconut and pineapple. Even if I was so stuffed that night, I could not resist this cake-looking dessert and made space in my stomach for it.

5)      Chips + Sauce


The sauce is grinded from rocoto, a kind of hot pepper from South America. After it is mixed with mayonnaise, you can dip the chip in and pop it into your mouth.

Special thanks to the host for the amazing food served! Xox

Signing off with love,



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