In House Greek Cuisine

Since Dan had a week off last week, we were planning to head out for lunch time Greek Cuisine. I have not tried Greek food before yet so much have been said about it. However, due to a tight budget, we decided to do in house instead. Knowing that I am tired of preparing meals all week, Dan was ready to prepare a good meal for us. He started off by making us drinks, a lovely martini (the name he gave it) for me and a dry olive martini for himself.

Thereafter, he served the appetizer which consisted of fresh bread with a plate of special dips decorated with white beans, sliced cucumbers, olives and a sprig of thyme. Greek appetizers are mainly prepared with the use of olive oil, herbs, beans, cheese, zucchinis and yogurt. I must say it seems like a healthy cuisine aside from the large chunk of meat or seafood that comes with the main course. The taste of the appetizer was just magnificent! In less than 10 minutes, we cleared the loaf of bread and the dips. We were more than 50% full but… there was still the main dish yet to come!

The presentation of the main course won me over. Simple yet attractive – a slice of beef and red pepper stuffed with fragrance rice. The beef was nicely roasted on the outside retaining the juiciness on the inside. The rice had a good mix of butter and salt with melted cheese on top. By the time we were finished with our meal, we were stuffed.

I am thankful and grateful for such a loving meal! Sometimes, we may not be able to afford the most luxurious food out there but we are always able to create our own personalized meal at home. As Dan says with a cheeky wink, ‘this is better than the restaurants!’

Such an activity is definitely a good way for couple bonding too!

Signing off with love,



2 thoughts on “In House Greek Cuisine

  1. Good job Dan! expensive food maybe delicious, but only personalized meals can have the extra taste of your thoughts and love in it hey:D

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