Nuit Blanche à Montréal 2012

Before I step foot into Montreal, Dan has shared with me how Montreal has lots of festivals happening throughout the year especially summer. Most of these events cost almost nothing to attend. I was skeptical at the beginning because coming from a small and expensive city like Singapore, having entertainment equals to burning a hole in your pocket. However, I am glad that I am proven wrong!

Just last weekend, there was a festival called ‘Nuit Blanche à Montréal’.  This is an all night event which happened on 25th February 2012, Saturday. The event took place over three quartiers and one pôle: the Quartier des Spectacles and Centre-Ville (Downtown), the Quartier Vieux-Montéal (Old Montreal), Quartier Plateau-Mont-Royal and Mile-End and the Pôle Parc Olympique. This is the time where artists, collectors, and citizens are invited to rediscover the city, fostering the expression of art and culture. Not only are the streets lined with visual arts and exhibitions, there was also the showcase of films, theatre and dance.


Since there were so many activities happening all at once, it was impossible to cover everything in the same night. In the end, we watched an outdoor concert despite the winter cold, walked through the underpass to appreciate the arts on display and finally caught an hour of Fantasia which comprised of the finest short stories mainly by local producers. Dan wanted to visit ‘Le Japon à chaque pas – Déambulatoire’ where they feature Japanese culture but since we were exhausted after the watching the short films, we decided to head home. That definitely gives me more reason to come back to this festival next year!



Signing off with love,



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