A Road Trip to Quebec City

Last weekend, despite Dan’s busy schedule, we went ahead with our trip to Quebec City. There was a big carnival (http://www.carnaval.qc.ca/en) happening there are we wanted to be part of the excitement. Also, since my arrival in Montreal, we did not really have the chance to travel to another city or province. As Dan’s brother and his family are now living there, we thought it would be a good opportunity to do a road trip over the weekend to explore Quebec City and to visit them as well. Without saying, they have been great hosts and pampered us with lots of food! I had my first try at Raclette, an indigenous dish from Switzerland. The main idea is to melt the cheese and eat is when it is semi solid. Feedback? Absolutely delicious (on condition that you love cheese)!

Quebec City is slightly smaller than Montreal but she has this authentic feel to it. Walking is definitely the best way to explore this alluring city. We walked the streets of Old Quebec and I fought against the cold to capture some beautiful sceneries with my bare hands clicking away with the camera. The smell of smoked meat at Brynd’s (http://www.brynd.ca/) stopped us in our track once and we just had to try it. I would rate 4 out of 5 for the meat because I think the one at Swartz’s has a juicer taste to it. Other than that, the restaurant provided a soothing ambiance together with great service.

After exploring Old Quebec, we are ready to enter the carnival. One needed to buy the carnival’s effigy pass which is a small Bonhomme figure made of plastic. The Bonhomme is the mascot for the event and he does a distinguish action of kicking the right leg up to the right hand. There were beautiful ice sculptures lined up within the premise of the carnival and there were also various activities for both children and adults to participate in. What I really liked most was when people just gathered at an area and everyone danced outdoor with the music. Moving like that definitely helps generate some heat to keep oneself warm! There was also the parade we were supposed to watch at night but after some logistical glitch a.k.a. taking our time, we were late and only managed to watch the last 10 minutes of it. Ah well, at least we saw Mr. Bonhomme.

Heading home, we were accompanied by a beautiful sunset. 3 hours drive from Montreal to Quebec City isn’t really far but it still can be tiring, especially for the driver. I need to get used to distance because Canada is a huge and travelling within the country can easily take up to a day!


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