Skating at Mount Royal, Montreal

Due to heavy snowing for the last few days, the pavements are now all piled up with snow. If the sidewalks are not cleared, one step forward will mean having to sink ankle deep into the snow. As much as it takes a lot more effort to walk through them, the experience of being surrounded by all white is mesmerising. 

I went to Mount Royal, a well known place for excellent view of the city Montreal, with my language school to ice skate last Friday. We had a straight bus from the school to the place. However, we needed to climb and walk a fair distance before we arrived at the skating ring. Being ‘Ms. Careful’, I was shrieking silently as snowflakes started to gather and party on my coat, bag pack and boots. What about the rest of students and teachers? They were happily throwing snow at each other.

When we reached our destination, we got changed into our gear and off we went gliding across the ice. The whole place was white. It was unimaginably romantic! As I put aside my worry of getting intruded by snowflakes, I laid down comfortably on the snow and starred into the vast sky. My view was not clear but I saw the expanse above me. I saw how the world looked from the other side of the planet. The environment is different. The situation has changed. My experience varies. My physical body is here but what about my mind? It takes time for adaptation. It takes a lot more for a mindset to change. I see that as a good opportunity to evolve. Life is not about chasing after empty hopes but living and appreciating the moment you are in. Happy skating!


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