First Winter in Montreal

Having just stepped into the month of January, I am officially half way through surviving winter. The coldest I have experienced thus far? -17 degrees Celsius but it felt like -20 degrees due to the wind. In the month of November, the temperature was hovering around 0 to 10. December it went into the minus range. The common response I have been hearing?

‘This is a warm winter!’

‘How is this cold? You have yet to experience the real cold!’

Apparently, there have been years where the temperature dipped till about -30 degrees. Looking at the situation, I have to thank my lucky stars for giving me a great experience till date for my first winter! Before I was due to fly to Montreal, a good number of people warned me about the cruel cold which can be too much to bear. To be fair, I find -15 to -20 bearable for 5 to 7 minutes. Thereafter, I will be looking out for a shop to escape into. For those who are visiting cold countries do not be put off by the cold (unless you absolutely hate it) because you just need to be well equipped to enjoy the beauty of the season.  Good layering is necessary. I have at least 4 layers of clothes on every time I step out of my house! Also, do not forget to cover the head and ears. We lose heat most easily through our head, hands and feet.

What I observed and found interesting was that when the weather is hot and humid, I get agitated. However, when it is cold, I will just shiver, whine a little about it and walk faster. However, my mood remains calm and mild. I hope this does not sound like an excuse but I do think that the warm temperate makes a person lazier and slower in movement/ action.

Since I have been born and raised in a tropical country with infinite amount of sun and rain, I am truly awed by snow. A fun fact shared by Dan, there are actually more than a hundred Eskimo words for snow although most of us know snow as ‘snow’. As for me, I prefer simplicity over complexity. When the snowflakes descend slowly from the sky, I will sit by the window and sigh to the beauty of it. As the road piles up with white, I will leave my footprints on the blanket of snow. When slush forms, I will go ‘ewwww’ as I trudge through it. Well, you can’t have the best of something forever!


Signing off with love



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