Hello 2012! Bonne Année!

2011 just passed and I am like ‘Oh no, where is my 2012 New Year resolution?’

Honestly, I gave a lot of thought to it but somehow I did not have the inspiration to draft something out until today. This is a big contrary to 2011 where I had a detailed ‘Master Plan’. There were 6 main areas which I would like to work on then and the categories were done up neatly in an excel sheet , looking something like this:

Career Resources Romance Relationship (with family, friends and self) Health Fulfillment/ Passion
– to bring in X amount of revenue- … – to earn a total of Y amount for the year- … – to date 5 guys- … – to have a short trip with family- … – to gym twice a week- – to have 2 belly dance performances- …

I was all hyped up creating the plan, quietly cheering for myself to fulfill all the milestones I have set forth. However, as I consolidated my year on 31st December 2011, I realized that I have only fulfilled about 50% of what I have set out to achieve. Would I say that I missed the mark and hence be upset with myself? Unexpectedly, the turn of events seemed to have opened up a whole new world of opportunities for me. I was working hard at the job, wanting to make a significant contribution to the company. However, on a short trip to Seoul, Korea, I met Dan in the hostel which I stayed in and our encounter continued from there. Since he was working in Japan then, I decided to quit my job and flew to Japan to spend some time with him. Right after, he visited Singapore, met my family and we decided that we would like to bring our relationship to the next level. Hence, here I am learning French in a brand new city – Montreal! It was a tough decision because I had to leave everything behind to make the move. Yet I knew that it was worth it because I have never felt such connection with a person before. Also, his sincerity and commitment touched my heart.

To sum up the year, I found romance, left my job, started an online dress business (www.om-dress.com) with friends and moved to a new country to be with my supportive partner. Why have plans when things aren’t going to turn out the way you want it? Sometimes we think we know what we want but we fail to realise that the heart and the mind run on a different beat. How often do we find ourselves caught in the dilemma with the heart and head going against each other? The universe hears what your heart wants. The only reason you fail to get what you want because your mind tells you not to listen to your instinct. Hence having a detailed plan does not equate to knowing your direction. It is just to help keep us on track. It is important for us to know what we want in life i.e. the bigger picture. However, we should not be rigidly ruled by them because that may mean losing out on opportunities which are laid in front of us.

Having said so much, it is time to define 2012 for myself.

2012 is…

– Love and appreciation

– Happiness/ joy

– Good health

–  Clarity in path

5 main areas of focus:

1)      Studying French – able to read and write (intermediate level)

2)      Cooking – learning to prepare more dishes of different cuisines

3)      Salsa – take lessons and go for social dancing

4)      OMDress – continue to market OMDress to the world!

5)      My blog – continual improvement aesthetically and content wise

May 2012 be as wonderful for you as for me. With open hearts and mind, there is whole new world waiting for you.

Signing off with love,



2 thoughts on “Hello 2012! Bonne Année!

    • Thanks Tania! I love the recipes on your blog! Will probably be using them for references from time to time. Hope the year started off with a bang for you!

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