Bagels – Who doesn’t like?

I have never ate so many bagels until the day I landed in Montreal. It all started at Dan’s parents’ place. Since we were staying there for about 3 weeks, we were helping ourselves to the fridge. There was once when Dan’s dad bought a bag of fresh bagels home. They smelled and tasted so good. I have tried them with just butter or with mayonnaise mashed eggs. My best pick would be bagels with ham and cheese or with peanut butter honey. Recently, Dan recommended to top up the ham and cheese with mustard which turned out to be surprisingly mouth watering. It also depends on the mustard you use and also if you like the strong burning sensation.  I couldn’t resist the bagels hence I took a few bites before remembering my camera. ><

We bought Keen’s mustard from the supermarket IGA near our place. We chose it because we wanted something strong, similar to the ones we tried in Kochi City, Japan. Unfortunately, the taste still turned out different. It was a bit more salty as compared to the ones we have tried before. Then again, it serves its purpose for now. After this bottle, we will continue to experiment with other types of mustard.

For a quick meal, bagel serves the purpose and it is filling despite its size.


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