Our Cosy Nest

Dan and I have finally moved into a new apartment which we can call our own. Before we are able to enjoy the cosy nest we have built together, there was so much to be done and this includes painting, cleaning, packing and unpacking. Fortunately, we are now at the last stage but it will take awhile before we unpack all the boxes.

I have consciously taken picture of the before and after looks of our apartment for comparison. Definitely happy with the results! Initially, my plans for colours were as shown below:

Living room: Lemon Zest

Bedroom: Lemon Ice

Corridor: Crème theme

Work room: Baby Blue

Dining room: Ivory Peach

When we went to the paint shop, we found out that each can of new paint was approximately CAD$56 and recycled paint is CAD$12 to CAD$14. Our choice was obvious. We made do with the colours they had and the final choices were:

Living room: Peach

Bedroom: Beige

Corridor: White

Work room: Green

Dining room: Pink in a darker tone

*they were all solid colours

Conclusion? The outcome is fairly decent and for the price we paid, definitely worth it! Sometimes we just have to go with the flow of things and life will always bring us pleasant surprises.



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